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Welcome to Infantry Museum!

The Infantry Museum was founded in the year 1982. It’s a national arm branch museum operated by Infantry Museum’s Foundation.

The museum in St. Michel is located in two wooden barracks built in the late 19th century. The Infantry Museum explores, records and exhibits infantry history from the 18th century to the modern days. The museum will receive donations from private individuals to their collections (e.g. weapons and ammunition material).

There is also a museum shop connected to the museum.

Infantry museum’s 40th Anniversary Exhibition: Hidden By the Terrain – Nordic Fighters

The exhibition will showcase the combat uniforms and equiptment of Finland, Sweden and Denmark. Welcome to enjoy!

Group visits

The Infantry Museum is available for guidance groups at a price of 50€/guided tour.

The museum is also open for ordering if your group is coming outside of normal opening hours.

Opening hours

During the summer season 1.6.-31.8.2023 Museum is open every day 10-17

  • The ticket desk closes an hour before closing time.

Fire in the Cold – Winter War 1939-1940

The new exhibition of the Infantry Museum “Fire in the Cold – Winter War 1939-1940” is now open to visitors. Welcome to experience the cold winds and burning situations of Winter War.

Museum exhibitions

Museum card

The museum card has access ticket now to almost 300 museum from Åland to Inari. Among the new museum card items, you will find the home Museum of President P. E. Svinhufvud, the manor of Härkälä, as well as the Raseborg Castle. Summer museums have also opened.